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In the City of Crystal, we value getting together with friends and neighbors.  Some of the most memorable ways this happens are through events offered at our city parks and community center.  These events are put on by the city as well as some great community partners.  While these events are a lot of fun, they are made even better when community members help with planning or sponsoring the event.  Some places to get involved are:

Crystal Frolics

Crystal Frolics – is a historic event that happens the last full weekend of July at Becker and Welcome Parks.  The event is a joint partnership between the City of Crystal and the Crystal Frolics Committee, Inc.  The Crystal Fund Committee is a 501 (c) 4 organization that is overseen by a board of area residents.  There are opportunities to help plan the event, have a food booth, participate in the business/craft fair, get involved with the 5k run or Family Festival, become a financial sponsor and more!  Ongoing public support of this event has made it one of the longest lasting festivals in the area.  Additional information on Crystal Frolics can be found at:

Crystal Fund

Crystal Fund – The Crystal Fund supports the City of Crystal by offering great fundraising events, and passing the proceeds on to make the city’s parks and neighborhoods better.  The Crystal Fund is a 501 (c) 3 organization that is overseen by a board of area residents.  The Crystal Fund purchases trees that are handed out to citizens for free in the spring, and they also provide project support to Crystal’s parks.  Their funds are raised through their annual plant sale in the spring and annual beer tasting event in the winter.  There are opportunities to volunteer on the board, help plan an event, donate plants to the plant sale, volunteer at an event, become a financial sponsor and more!  Charitable gifts are tax-deductible (check with financial advisor for details).  Additional information on the Crystal Fund can be found at: 

Crystal Farmers Market
Farmer’s Market – The City of Crystal Farmers Market is held Tuesdays afternoons at Becker Park during the summer.  To make the event even better, opportunities are available to have a food stand, perform at the event, become a financial sponsor and more!  Additional information on the Crystal Farmers market can be found at: 

Food TrucksFood Trucks – The addition of food trucks to a regular day at the park can make the place extra special.  The City of Crystal encourages food trucks to sell their food at our larger area parks.  If you have a food truck, or know of someone that does, we encourage you to apply for a ‘Mobile Food Unit Permit’.  Information on having a food truck at a park on a regular day (non-event) is available at:

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