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COVID-19 Update: To maintain required social distancing, Volleyball Open Gyms will have a limited capacity, adjusted times, and will be available  BY RESERVATION ONLY. The schedule will be evaluated and adjusted as needed for future months. The Crystal Community Center is following the Governor's Order 20-81 requiring face coverings/masks be worn in indoor public spaces as of July 25, 2020.

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Fall Schedule

Saturdays - 9 am - 12:30 pm
Sundays - 1 pm - 4 pm

Location & Cost
Crystal Community Center, 4800 Douglas Drive North
Forest School, 6800 47th Avenue North
$5 per person

Open Gym Calendar

PLEASE NOTE the following Volleyball COVID-19 considerations:

• Limiting attendance to players only (no family, children)
• Temperature check at home (needs to be less than 100.4)
• Stay home if experiencing symptoms and quarantine if exposed to a known positive case (this is typically a 10-14-day self-quarantine, unless longer per MDH)
• Wash/sanitize hands immediately upon entering the building and just prior to exiting
• Arrive with only what you need, leave bags, purses, other items at home
• Face coverings are required when entering/exiting the building and when not actively participating in the match
• Refrain from contacting others (no high fives and huddles)
• Maintain social distancing (minimum of 6’) whenever possible
• Participants should bring their own water bottle(s)
• Drinking fountains should not be used
• If using a shared game ball, teams should sanitize the ball following their match using a league-recommended method.

Adapted from Molten USA: In brief analysis, the use of sanitizing wipes inclusive of bleach or similar disinfectant has proven to be effective against emerging viral pathogens. However due to the porous surface of the leather and composite volleyballs, tests have not confirmed the ability to kill the novel coronavirus. When using wipes, it is suggested to place a wipe in each hand while thoroughly rotating the ball to ensure cleaning of the entire surface. Once the entire surface has been cleansed, the ball will need to dry prior to being placed back in use. Please note due to the chemical properties in the wipes, some of the ink on the ball may be removed. Alcohol wipes have resulted in damage to the product and are not recommended at this time.

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